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UPDATE 27/08/18 : The videos below were available when this post was written, but have since been removed from Youtube.
Apologies for that.
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Barbell Situp

Barbell Situp.

Ever walked in the gym with a game plan, knowing exactly what area you want to work on, but day in and day out the routine gets stagnant and boring. Well look no further, here’s a few ideas that can help you get back on track, and a way to definitely bring some stares in the weight room. This article will be short and sweet, no fancy writings, just here’s the picture, here’s what it does, and leave the rest up to you.

Barbell Sit-up

The first exercise on the platter was the barbell sit-up. It’s basically replacing the kettlebell, or dumbbell, or weight plate with a barbell. Lie down so that the barbell is over your chest, and as you rise up, the barbell is overhead.

Barbell Roll-out

The next one that we like is the barbell roll out; not every gym has ab-wheels, (evil wheels) and not every musclehead is secure enough with themselves to be caught using one of these. So get creative, add a plate on each side of the bar, and presto! A big boy, big girl ab wheel. Keep your back rounded, and extend as far out as you can comfortably.
Barbell roll-out 1
Barbell roll-out 2
Barbell roll-out 3

Hanging Lateral Hip Swing

The last core exercise to be mentioned is the hanging lateral hip swings. This one is fun and you can clearly mix tempos to see what’s right for you. Hang from a bar, (wider is better) and then swing your hips like a pendulum, this gives you lateral flexion using the legs as the weight. To make things hard, swing quick, and hold out as long as you can.

Now we shift our emphasis to the lower body. Twisting squats and circular squats are next on the agenda. I would strongly avoiding the temptation to load the weight up. Go for higher reps, especially on the twisting squats as this can improperly load the spine and cause injuries. The twisting squats is a bit difficult to explain, and a picture and video just does the job better. A circular squat is a wide stanced squat in which you lower more towards one side, weave through to the other, and come up on the other side.

Twisting Squats

Twisting Squat 1
Twisting Squat 2
Twisting Squat 3
Twisting Squat 4

Circular Squats

Circular Squat 1
Circular Squat 2
Circular Squat 3
Circular Squat 4

Partner Leg Press

If you have a stability ball, and a willing partner this can bring some interesting stares. It’s fun, and if the leg press is all tied up, hey you can still keep going. One person lays down with their feet on the ball, the other acts as the weight bearing down on them as much as they choose to.

Now we head over the medicine ball, this is just a couple of complexes I have my clients do to shake up the routine. You can be as creative as you want with reps, tempos, and leg position (straddled, or closed). The more balls you have access to, the better.

Barbell Two Hands Anyhow

To top things off we can finish with a barbell two handed anyhow. You can get in this as you would for a Turkish Get Up, or get into the anyhow position and have someone hand you the weight. Remember to squeeze tightly, or this thing will move a bit.
Barbell Two Hands Anyhow 1
Barbell Two Hands Anyhow 2

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