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Sgt Sweaty : A New Beginning

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Crankin’ Up.

It all started way back when…
Okay, not really that long. I had always been a pretty skinny, weak chump for my younger years, but come freshman year of high school I decided to do something about it.

I had goofed around with weights a couple years prior to get stronger for ice hockey, but it wasn’t until that one fateful year that the bug had officially bit me. It wasn’t until – believe it or not – I went on the internet, and for whatever reason did a search for weight lifting (I don’t remember the exact term), but I started looking around at what came up and stumbled across a forum dedicated to strength and bodybuilding. It was here that I discovered how strong the Average Joe actually could be, without pharmaceutical assistance. I was benching about 135lbs at the time, and these guys were benching 315+ for countless reps. I started looking for ways to achieve this great strength, and well the rest is history.

Ever since then I’ve been hitting the heavy squats, deadlifts, benches, rows, overhead presses, all the movements that anyone should be doing in their quest to become abnormally strong.

Everything was going great (for the most part), but then my love for the game basically tripled when I discovered the awesomeness of strongman. Lifting big ass rocks like a caveman, walking with 800lbs on your back, moving tires the smart way (flipping them, rather than rolling them), all gave me the biggest rush imaginable, along with a fresh new incredibly fun variation of the traditional barbell squat.

I HIGHLY recommend that you, yes you, go lift some heavy rocks as soon as you’re done reading this, and discover the great love that is strongman training. You only have to learn the basic forms for the lifts, then from there it’s all about going balls to the wall and sweating straight testosterone.

Ever since the internet gave me a new passion, strength has been my life. Now I balance lifting out with everything else of course, but that has been the predominate mainstay of my existence these past years. Nothing but good has come out of my lifting, and I KNOW the same will be in store for you.

If you are in need of any basic information about getting started, be sure to check out my site at for some great material.

Good luck with your lifting. I don’t know you, but I truly believe that you’re destined for iron greatness, with the right effort.

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