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Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
Written By : Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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Are you always running short on time? Or have a busy schedule that makes it hard for you to take gym time? Or you are low on motivation to carry yourself every day to the gym! Along with all these reasons you would still want to be at the top of your shape. Well, the solution to your problem is bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight workouts are the physical activity that you can do almost anywhere, anytime with no equipment at all.

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise -

Bodyweight workouts are more practical in general. They are very effective when it comes to losing weight. Most people have this misconception that you always need additional weight for doing your workout right which isn’t true. Without additional weights, you can still have a good workout season.

Not just weight loss but muscle toning, burning calories & gaining strength all can be achieved with these workouts if you do them right. We have listed some of the best bodyweight exercises that will surely work for you. You can perform them at your home every day, whether it be morning or night. In no time, you will start seeing great results that would make your fitness goals become a reality.

Tips: Do these exercises in your workout clothes, for greater motivation and benefits. Always mark up before starting your workout session. Perform each exercise for the desired amount of reps. Must take a recovery break of 30- to 60-second between sets. Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise of the desired amount of reps.

1)  Squat jump with floor touch

Start this workout by bending your legs, keeping both of your knees hip-distance apart. Make sure you plant your heels firmly on the floor. Then drop yourself into a deep squat form. Touch the floor lightly with your hand, hold that position for a second or two then drive up explosively, and do a clap with your hands overhead. Take two-second as your hands touch each other. And repeat the whole motion. 

2)  Plank Jacks

It’s a variation of a regular plank workout. So you start it by getting into the regular plank position, with the arm extended fully and shoulders placed directly above them. Make sure you align your whole body in a straight line from head to toe. Hold both of your feet together. Then jump both legs to your sides like you are doing a jumping jack. Then jump again and bring them back to the position from where you started. This is one rep. Make sure you keep your core steady throughout the whole motion.

3)  Bridge Kick

It’s an explosive moment that is very effective for losing weight. Start this exercise by sitting on the floor by bending your left leg, and right leg straight parallel to the left one. With your hand pointing towards the foot. Then push yourself onto the floor with force & squeeze your glutes to help yourself to raise your hips above the ground. Till they have come in a stabilized position parallel to your knees. Then raise your one leg straight at an angle of 90 degrees with your torso, from there start lowering yourself to the position from where you started. This is one rep. Complete reps for one leg and then switch to the other side.

4)  Burpees

Burpees are an amazing exercise that helps in toning up your whole body. They can be difficult to get started with. To get started with this exercise, stand straight up by opening your feet shoulder-distance apart. Then go straight into the squat position, while pushing the hips back & bending both of your knees. Then from that squat position, push the feet back, while leading yourself in the landing plank position. Then jump back to the squat position & jump explosively back in the air. While coming back, land back into the squat position. This is one rep repeating the whole exercise.

5)  Push-Ups

Push-ups are classical bodyweight exercises that are highly effective for improving your upper body strength & toning your muscles. To get started with push-ups, start by getting into the regular plank position by placing both of your hands directly under your shoulders. Then slowly start lowering the body till your chest is about to touch the ground, then push yourself back to the plank position. This is one rep repeating the process.

6)  Lunges

Lunges are one of the most challenging lower body workouts. For performing a lunge, start by standing straight in the athletic stance. There lunge the left foot forward & squat down, make sure you keep the right knee away from touching the floor. After that, explode back into the standing position, & then put the right foot forward & repeat the process. They might seem easy as you start doing them but the difficulty level rises after a few seconds into the exercise and it only gets worse from there.

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Written By Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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