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Endurance and Strength Training for Fitness Newbies
Written By : Mike

When it comes to beginners choosing the strength and endurance training program, it’s difficult to choose. But believe me, there are many exercises that you can select to engage your body muscles. Endurance and strength training programs can be challenging for beginners but on the other hand, they have lots of other advantages also, such as muscle building, prevention from injuries, getting stronger bones, boosting up your mood, and a lot more.

Besides that the foremost thing to do, before hitting the gym is that you should prepare yourself first before any type of intense workout. Make sure your outfits are durable and breathable. Born tough gym outfits are super stylish and provide you with the proper fit.

Before getting started there are a few tips for your strength training exercises.

Make sure that you have some warm-ups, get started with lighter weights, and after some time gradually increase the weight, your workout should last for 45 minutes followed by resting time ( for muscle recovery), and do some stretching after your workout.

So there are a few strength training exercises that I am describing below.

Squats as a strength exercise.

Squats are an effective strength training workout in which several upper and lower body muscles are engaged. By practicing squats you can increase endurance along with the strength in your calves, hamstring, quadriceps, hip, and glutes too.


But squats mainly work on your lower body muscles, they not only make your joints stronger but also make your bones powerful. Other than that, squats engage your core muscles and improve your abdominal strength also.

How should beginners squat?

If you are a beginner, the best way is to sit squats initially. That means you are performing it in a sitting position. To perform the sitting squats you need a chair (make sure your feet are wide apart), start lowering your body as if you are sitting on a chair, and keep your weight on your heels during the full range of motion. Strengthen your body in an upward direction, and repeat the process.

Along with that before hitting the gym make yourself ready for the workout. Aid comfort in your workout by wearing comfortable and sweat-wicking outfits. A tough gym workout attire is stretchable and provides comfort during your workout session.


Crunches are considered an amazing core-strengthening workout. To perform crunches lie down on the floor(upon your back). Put your feet down with your hips widened apart.  Start lowering your knees, put your arms upon your chest, now contract your abs and inhale. By keeping your neck and head relaxed, start lifting your body in an upward direction and exhale.

Afterward, get back to the starting position and inhale. If you are a beginner, over time you will observe that your abdominal muscles will start developing. But must incorporate around 10 to 25 sets of crunches initially and afterward increase these sets when you will get stronger.

Reverse lunges.

How To Do A Reverse Lunge Exercise

In reverse lunges actually, less pressure is exerted on the joints, instead, more stability is being provided to your front leg. In reverse lunges, you are stepping one of your legs backward, and the other ( front leg) is parallel to the ground. 

Reverse lunges engage your glute muscles, hamstring, and also your core. When you stay stiff on your feet, you are training yourself how to get stable and how to balance yourself.

How to perform reverse lunges.

To perform reverse lunges, you need to stand in an upright position, with your hands placed on your hips. With the help of your left foot, take a larger step in the backward direction. With your front leg parallel to the floor, and your right knee directly settled upon your ankle, start lowering your hips toward the floor.

Exercises for building endurance

Several exercises can improve your endurance, strength, and stamina remarkably. Some of those workouts are mentioned below.


Walking is free, flexible, and simple. You can build your body endurance through walking, as you can tone up your muscles and push them through endurance. Through brisk walking, you get your heart rate up, and also burn lots of calories. As a beginner, I would suggest you walk for 10 to 20 minutes per day for the first three weeks.

Jumping rope (skipping)

If you incorporate CrossFit exercises like rope jumping into your workout regime, you are toning up your body muscles. Rope jumping is considered an aerobic exercise that also helps in strengthening your cardiovascular health. It mainly emphasizes your endurance and stamina.  If you are a beginner 5 to 10 minutes of rope jumping would be sufficient, but as you become comfortable with the rope you can increase the time limit up to 30 minutes.

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