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How to Work out Biceps with a Tennis Elbow?
Written By : Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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How to Work out Biceps with a Tennis Elbow?

We hear about the idea of curing pain through exercise all the time. We have seen people ditching traditional and modern medicine and relying solely on the use of exercise for curing their pain. It ranges from simple exercises that help with strengthening the body and creating endurance to some of the best exercises that prevent pain. However, one of the most underrated types of exercise is when we use exercise for curing a disorder or pain.

Starting from the basic pain like deformed bone or helping the fractured bone heal faster to a deformed or strained muscle, a professional can not only help you reduce pain, it can also help you get rid of it altogether.

 In most cases, when pain is involved, we take it under medical consideration. To cure this, a professional physiotherapist usually has to work with the patient and help him exercise properly. This also means that you need to help the patient and not rely on him completely. When it comes to injury there are so many different types and each has its significance and so you can not cure all kinds of injuries with just one cure.

In most cases, you can observe a swelling, in other cases, there is a cramp or lump, however, in some cases, the patient is only able to explain to you about the pain and nothing else. All these simple things collectively have an impact on the diagnosis and hence the treatment.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the Tennis Elbow. We will explain what a Tennis Elbow is and if you have a Tennis Elbow how you will be able to detect it. Apart from this, you will also be able to know how to cure it or treat the Tennis Elbow with the help of exercise.

What Is a Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is commonly known in medical setup as lateral epicondylitis. It is a very painful condition that usually occurs when a person gets involved in repetitive movement. This happens in the wrist and arm and this usually happens when the tendons in the elbow and overloaded. Simple daily exercise like playing tennis or using the knife for cutting by professional chefs might result in this condition. Most people think that only athletes or people who play tennis develop tennis elbow but that is not true.

 Any repetitive movement that requires complete force can result in this. People who have jobs that require continuous motion socially painters, plumbers, carpenters, butchers, chefs, etc. can have tennis elbow. If we try to understand the pain in the case of the tennis elbow we will be able to see that it usually happens where the tennis of the arm meets the bone. This means that the attachment of muscle with the bony bump just outside the elbow is the main pain point. Although it is better to work on your elbow through exercise and strengthen the overall movement.

 however, you also need to give your body a little break from the pain through medicine. In short, you need to settle the pain through over-the-counter pain medicines and then start with the exercises. In case the pain becomes unbearable, you need to switch it to other ways and that will help you in relieving pain. In extremely painful conditions, you might have to go through surgery as well.

Why Do People Get Tennis Elbows Because Of Bicep Curls?

We all know that bicep curls are one of the best upper body exercises and almost every male workout includes bicep curls in one way or the other. Most people think that you will get a tennis elbow even if you exercise for a few minutes every day. However, this is not true, in most cases, you will get a tennis elbow only if your malpractice. Some of the main reasons you will get elbow pain due to tennis elbow include:

  • The weight ratio that you are carrying for the exercise especially for the bicep curls is far too heavy that your elbow doesn’t support it.
  • You are using the same exercise on repeat without using different variants.
  • You are gripping the dumbbells hard and you are not letting your arm relax enough
  • Your writs position is not natural and you are trying to push your limits while doing bicep curls.

Why Does the Tennis Elbow Don’t Happen To Everyone?

We all know that in most cases even if everyone performs the same exercise they do not go through the same pain. The realist is also not the same. It all comes down to the intensity but there are other risk factors as well. Some of the risk factors include:


Age is one of the main risk factors because you will be at low risk if you are young. However, if you are above 30, you need to be very careful otherwise you might end up hurting yourself.

Poor technique

Your technique is very important because you might be pushing your limit. For each exercise you need to start by practicing with the help of a professional otherwise you may increase the risk of injury or pain.


We all know that some people have better body strength as compared to others. People who have repetitive movement jobs like painters, plumbers, or cooks have a high risk of getting an elbow because they are already exhausting their bodies with the use of these techniques.

How to Work out Biceps with a Tennis Elbow?

For people who already have Tennis Elbows but they still want to work out, they need to start with finding a good ratio of weight that they should lift. This will help them avoid any possible pain.

  • Apart from this look for different variants so that the arm doesn’t get used to one simple movement
  • Another very important thing is the use of relaxing your arm now and then and ask for grip guidance from a professional
  • Your wrist position needs to be every natural
  • In case you already have a tennis elbow, start with taking pain relievers and let your arm heal. Then start with simple exercises that will help your elbow and arm get better and produce endurance that can help you prevent the same condition in the future.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, before you jump into the solution you need to work on the overall diagnosis first. Most people think about the disease based on the pain however, it is very important to know that it takes around five years for a professional doctor to be able to understand the anatomy and physiology just to diagnose an issue. Reading an article will never be equivalent to a degree so it is better to at least get a diagnosis from the doctor.

Apart from this, everyone has a different body response to the exercise, and in most cases, people experience extra pressure just because they think they can take more pain. When it comes to pain, try to help your body rather than challenging your body limit. Even when physiotherapists help you exercise they will rely on the output of your body and they will make sure your body is not hurting. This means that a professional doesn’t just work according to his understanding, he will also seek output from your body which is the reason you need to work according to the requirement of your body.

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Written By Mike Jones (Elite Sports)
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