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How to Increase Wrist Strength?
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How to Increase Wrist Strength?

When it comes to wrist strength most people do not think that they will be using it so much. Most people think that only superheroes or action heroes will need wrist strength to grab hold of the building for support. In real life, you might not need to hang your full body via a building but there are so many daily simple tasks that require you to have wrist strength.

 Most people who work on simple manual jobs like painters, butchers, boxers, athletes, fighters as well as people who like to play games like tennis have to go through excruciating pain because their wrists are not strong enough.

 If we look at the anatomy of writs we can see that it is a very complex structure of multiple bones, joints, muscular attachments, nerve endings, and tissues. With the help of your muscles, you can move your wrists and arm from the hands above your elbow. However, each part of the arm can be moved in a certain direction or at a certain angle. The joints in your fingers can only move in two directions and they have very limited movement abilities which help them to lift things and maintain a hold.

 On the contrary, when we talk about the elbow, we see that it can move in two directions as well because of one joint that can move only up and down using it as a level to hold weight. When we talk about the wrist, multiple joints help the hand to move in all directions. You can not only move your hand in a clockwise direction but also in an anti-clockwise direction. Since there are more joints in the wrist and it is usually used the most, there is an easy chance of malfunction as well.

There can be an extreme injury that needs a lot of medication, physical therapy, and various other steps of treatment. Another very important thing is that people who perform repeated monotonous tasks involving their wrist or people who lift weights need to work hard on strengthening their wrists.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the common issues that wrists might have to go through. Apart from this, you will know in detail about some of the best exercises that can help you strengthen your wrists. We have also listed down some easy equipment replacements that you can use for your exercise.

Some of the Common Injuries

Wrist injuries are pretty common mainly because in almost all kinds of house chores we need to use our wrists. The strength of the writs helps not only with weight lifting but also ensures that you can handle something for much longer.

 However, just like all other things, your wrists have a limitation which is the reason there can be an injury. This can be caused due to a sudden yank on muscle or in some cases, this can be due to handling weight inappropriately. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Injury due to bad healing of shoulder, elbow, or wrist surgery
  • Injury caused after a serious stroke
  • Humerus fracture
  • Boxer’s fracture
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Colles’ fracture
  • Smith’s fracture

Wrist injury is most common in athletes who actively practice sports. In most cases, the exercise that requires throwing or overhead motion of some kind especially involving baseball, tennis, or volleyball can cause wrist injury.

 To avoid this you need to work on strengthening your wrists. There are so many simple exercises including basic stretching that can help you ensure that wrist use is safe and you are not pushing limits. In case you are pushing limits you still need to understand how you can use your wrist to avoid any possible injury.

Some of the Best Wrist Stretch Exercises That You Can Perform At Home

Most of the time people wait for things to go south and only after a serious injury do they seek proper help from a professional. With the help of these simple stretches, you can help your wrists to become stronger and you will be able to avoid the injury in the future as well. For these simple stretches, you don’t need any extra equipment, you can rely on simple things that you can find at home.

Extended Arm

For this stretch, you need to start with extending your arms while your palms are facing up toward the ceiling. Now take your free hand and press the finger on the floor, now just pull the finger back. You need to hold this for 10 seconds as well.

Clenched Fists

A very important stretch that will help you ball up your fist. You need to start by placing your hand on your thighs and then close your hand normally. Don’t clench too hard and you then need to touch the legs, raise your fist leaving the grip of the leg and bend the wrist again. Just a 10-second hold will be enough.

Praying Position Stretches

For this stretch place your palm in a praying position and then touch your elbows with each other. Keep your hands in front and your arms need to be touching at the tips of the fingers to elbow. Keep pressing the palms together and spread it to the elbow. Now bring them down till they reach your belly button and then stay for at least 10 seconds.

Desk Press

This is an easy stretch that you can perform while working in an office. You can start by placing your palms straight up under the desk. Now just press them upwards against the bottom of the desk and hold them for 10 seconds.

Ball Squeeze

This exercise is good with a tennis ball only because the tennis ball is generally soft. On the contrary, a cricket ball is bigger and very hard so you might end up hurting yourself. Start by squeezing the ball for at least 10 seconds and then leave it. You can also use a stress ball, this will help you work on your grip as well.

Thumb Stretch

Thumb helps in ensuring that the weight you hold is safe and you are not putting too much pressure. Start by making a fist and pointing your thumb up like you are giving someone a good sign. Now you can create a blocking point that will help your thumb from moving too much. You can do this by creating resistance with your thumb as well as your hand muscles.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that wrist injuries can be prevented, and even if you have some kind of wrist injury you can speed up the recovery. The most important thing is to start with a simple workout that can help your wrist to develop strength. This will help you avoid injury even if you put yourself in such a situation. The second thing is to help your wrists heal in case it has gone through some kind of injury.

 For most people wrist injury is quite painful especially because you need to use your wrist for multiple tasks and it is one of the most used parts of the body. However, with proper treatment, exercise, and regular use of compression and ointments you will be able to resolve the pain-related issue. Regardless of all these things, professional help and consultation are very important because you don’t want to make the issue worse just because you are trying on home remedies.

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