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The Ultimate Guide to Chest Workout to build Massive Chest
Written By : Mike
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Are you looking for chest exercises that can help you to build a massive chest? A fit body will not only help you to do daily tasks like lifting or pulling objects but also will make you stress free. Moreover, a chest workout uplifts your mood as well as improving your strength and appearance.

Pectoral muscles or better known as “pecs” is the biggest muscle in the chest and provides you with upper body strength. Pectoral muscle consists of many smaller muscles. For your information, “lats” or scientifically known as latissimus dorsi remains on the side of the chest. In contrast,  the shoulder is made with trapezius muscles.

To exhaust your muscle in the best possible way you have to concentrate on pumping up on your pecs and targeted exercise for the chest muscle. As the Pectoralis Major or main chest muscle is so big, it directly involves and helps most of our body movement. If you can concentrate a handful of your upper body exercises, it can help your upper body strength from every angle.

How to Get Started?

To make sure you are healthy, you should perform a variety of motions during workouts. In this case, the best workout is giving a bench press either on flat or incline. Moreover, try to lift your weight in parallel bars and pull cable crossbars. Correspondingly, this equipment is not costly and easily available in the market.

You can also start with a barbell and dumbbells too. If you are an absolute beginner, follow a guide provided by a certified trainer. Moreover, do not forget to start with a smaller weight and gradually increase the weight to avoid injury or strain.

Best Chest Workouts for Massive Build

High Tempo Training

If you want to get the best out of the workouts, you have to focus on some high tempo training like barbell bench press, bent forward cable crossover, chest press, dips. These workouts are designed such that how long you take to lower the weight and pause at the bottom.

In addition, after that, when you push the weight back and hold on top, it can build your check muscle. Furthermore, it also increases your heart rate while your muscle is under tension and burns fat. Likewise, muscle tissue is broken and rebuilt with bigger and strong features. The best chest workout would be if you keep each repetition smooth and controlled.

Cable Chest Workout

Cables workouts are the best way to get an awesome pec. They can attack your chest from all angles and apply constant tension from beginning to end. With cables, you can also bring your hands together when pressing for a greater pec contraction. Likewise, cross cable chest workout for men is helpful to viciously put stress on upper body muscles and strengthen pectoral muscles.


Dumbbell chest workout

Dumbbell exercises are very helpful in building a massive chest. The main target muscles are the Chest (pecs), shoulders (deltoids), and triceps. Just lay on the bench and hold the dumbbell in each hand at a 90-degree angle. Likewise, inhale when you pull the dumbbell down and exhale while you are pulling up. Also, make sure your wrist is aligned with your shoulder. Read more about dumbbell chest workouts.

Barbell Bench Press

For a ripped chest, one can start with Barbell Bench Press with Cable Hybrid Flye-Press Combo to get a solid pump of that muscle. You can perform 3 sets with 10 – 15 curl repetitions. Keep your core engaged and maintain a neutral spine while doing this workout.


One of the most important days in the gym is chest day. Moreover, many of us would like to get ripped muscles and it is important to get a solid upper body to get it. Whether you are a man or a woman, before you do any workout, you have to take proper rest before every repetition.

In addition, before you get involved with any workout you will have to converse with your trainer to know more about the details. Also, you should try Impact Supplements to build muscles as well as to lose extra fat. Finally, you have to drink enough water and proper food after an intense workout.

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