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Grip Training Essentials : Plate Wrist Curls
Written By : Matt Hunt
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Seated Plate Wrist Curls

Taking a seat on a chair and resting the elbows on the thighs is a great way to perform this incredible exercise.

One very well-known exercise to develop total lower arm strength and size (huge forearms with bursting veins) is the barbell wrist or forearm curl. This exercise can be overloaded to the point where your wrists will just not contract any longer. I have used this exercise in the past in various ways ranging from standing, sitting on an Olympic bench and even with a smith machine and each have provided me with excellent gains as well as an increased grip, benefiting me in real world applications. Well I have an even better exercise that even though along the same lines, will provide you with an increased grip development as well as less weight needed to receive added benefit.

The phrase I love to use is “bang for your buck!“. I present you with the plate wrist curl; this amazing exercise increases the tension put on the thumb musculature which will not only increase the ability to pinch thin/ thick objects with ease, you will also be able to grab onto anything with authority!!!

This exercise is very easy to complete but if too heavy of a plate is used, even a veteran to grip training could have problems curling away. Start out light and make sure form is good.
First, pick out a plate to use; I recommend using a ten pound Olympic plate which will allow an individual test the movement… ten pounds seems to be the deciding weight where one can realize if it is necessary to go heavier or drop down to a five pound plate. Now that proper weight is selected, take a seat in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your elbow (the arm holding the plate) positioning around 3/4s of the way up your thigh. Now take hold of the ten pound plate with the free hand and place the plate into the working hand with palms facing up. Make sure to place the thumb on the subdued side of the plate; you want your fingers on the smooth side of the plate providing your thumb with the textured surface giving you a good grip. Finally, to complete the exercise you pinch tight on the plate, let it slowly drop perpendicular to the shin and immediately explode up, curling the plate towards your head.
And that’s all there is to it – the incredible Plate Wrist Curl.

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Written By Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt is an avid grip enthusiast and personal trainer. He is a certified Mash Monster and has dabbled in strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit which has brought him much success in the weight room and in life. He is now obsessed with smashing grippers and intends to jump in on the pro circuit of grip within the next year. Find out more over at Matt's blog, and catch up with him on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy.
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