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Looking At : Dec 2, 2018
Posted By Scott Bird
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During the past week we’ve discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, Twitter (especially the lists!), Nuzzel The Daily ‘Paper’ and so on. Here are a few of my favourites.

  • Modifying A Virus To Take Out Cancer Cells And Their Accomplices : Promising indeedenadenotucirev is already undergoing trials in humans, trials of the modified version should begin next year.
  • ‘Reprogramming’ Skin Cells To Treat Chronic Wounds : Interesting approach – looking forward to the trials.
  • The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Endurance Exercise : Interesting research on the exercise-related creation of telomerase
  • – look forward to seeing more.

  • Enhancing The Self-Repair Efforts Of Injured Kidneys : Fantastic. As well as the kidney repair aspect, this research could help stop/reverse the progression of potentially lethal conditions of the heart, liver and brain.
  • This Has Certainly Been Getting Plenty Of Attention – He Jiankui And The Genetically Modified Babies : Very interesting area. Personally I’d love to see this type of research performed much more openly.

We also talked about Air pollution is now the fourth-highest cause of death worldwide, Intermittent fasting and longevity and a whole lot more. Keep up with the World of Health & Fitness on this site, and in the Straight to the Bar pages on Facebook, Twitter and Nuzzel The Daily ‘Paper’. Absolutely free.

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