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Part 3: Kettlebell, TRX, & Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Healthy Shoulders and Happier Hamstrings

In part 3 of this article series I am going share with the other 3 exercise videos described in Part 1, plus I am going to add in a bonus video of and movement that very helpful for those with hip ‘tightness‘ issues (Hint: it is great for mobilizing the hips across at least 2 planes of motion and even a really great precursor to movements like the kettlebell windmill).

The picture above is of our team on the training ground with Brett Kirk, Sydney Swans Hall of Famer; as we kicked off our second 1/2 of the 2011 season.

Of course we do off field strength and conditioning work too; which led me to the following point that I think many, many athletes and strength, conditioning and fitness professionals either don’t get or complete under-value.

That while we may be talking in the context of shoulder and hamstring repair in this article series, the important point is:

1) The tools do matter because they allow access to a true integrated program instead of being segmented, into warm-up, activation, mobility, rehab, strength, energy system work, recovery, you can actually have an integrated program that implements all parts synergistically as long as you are willing and able to program appropriately.

So instead just taking these 8 movements movements as something a’la carte and haphazardly implementing them only as ‘rehab’ when needed; think about using them as parts of programs for you and your healthy athletes.

This is exactly how I write our programs, and it allows for us to be as time and goal effective as possible, and there is big value in that.

TRX “W’s”

TRX Bodysaw

“L” Walking

Ultimate Sandbag Rotational Deadlift

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