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Are You Stretching Enough?

I recently visited the chiropractor’s office because I had lower back pain, which I thought was brought on from sitting in my office chair 8 hours a day. Well, after the chiropractor analysed what was wrong she noticed my hips were slightly misaligned, she said...
The Perfect Home Gym

The Perfect Home Gym

What would you have in your perfect home gym – if there were no financial or space constraints at all? Free weights, machines, kettlebells; a mix of all three perhaps? Just a large lifting platform, a bar and a pile of bumper plates? While you think about your...


Treadwall.Via Get Outdoors : Lately I’ve been considering various ways to squeeze a little more into the home gym; which isn’t exactly cavernous. This is definitely on the cards – the Treadwall (a dynamic climbing wall). A beautiful thing.

The Home Gym 2007

It’s been a couple of years since I took a good look at my home gym. I use it all the time, of course; but I don’t often stop to think of the things that should be in there. As a starting point, here’s a look at the current setup. Power rack, bar and...