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The Kettlebell Workout Library (Phil Ross)

The Kettlebell Workout LibraryThis looks great. Comprising 24 hours of video and a 140-page manual, the The Kettlebell Workout Library is the culmination of 6 years of kettlebell training by the wonderful Phil Ross. Featuring 104 incredibly comprehensive workouts...

Kettlebell Fundamentals (Valery Fedorenko)

Kettlebell FundamentalsThis looks great. Kettlebell Fundamentals is Valery Fedorenko’s latest instructional DVD on getting the most out of this incredible tool. I’ll post a few thoughts on it shortly (once I get my own copy back – long story), but in...
Kettlebell Essentials (Max Shank)

Kettlebell Essentials (Max Shank)

Looks great. Kettlebell Essentials is a series of on-demand videos by Max Shank, demonstrating and explaining the various kettlebell techniques which he considers fundamental to training. Everything from Cleans and Swings up to complex movements such as the many...