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The Intuitive Flow ‘Daily Double’

This looks great. The Intuitive Flow ‘Daily Double’ is simply a pair of exercise sets one for the morning, one for the evening. Basic bodyweight movements. This video outlines the overall idea : The Intuitive Flow ‘Daily Double’. NB :...
Tactical Gymnastics

Tactical Gymnastics

Great package. We first talked about this one a while ago, but a conversation over the weekend encouraged me to re-investigate things. And yes, I’m certainly glad I did. Details of the full program are over on the site. In the meantime,...

Checking Out : TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System

TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS System.Looks great. The TACFIT Medicine Ball PDS (Proximal-Distal Sequencing) System is a comprehensive approach to medicine ball work; focusing on reducing injuries. It does this via a number of books & tutorial videos, which illustrate...