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Advanced Battle Rope Workout

Advanced Battle Rope Workout

Love a little rope work. NB : We first looked at this one in the weekly Strength & Fitness Newsletter (part of the Strength Kit). If you’d like to have it sent to you automatically (free!) each week, just add your email here.

The Grip Master’s Manual

This is a truly superb book. We’ve noted this one many times over the years, it’s certainly an essential book to have on your fitness shelves. If you haven’t come across it before, here’s a quick snippet from the Amazon page to give you an idea...

Blast from the Past : Rope Training II

Via Begin2Dig : Rope Climbing in the LegionOver the past seven years this site’s amassed an enormous amount of content. To help you find the highlights, I’ll be taking an occasional wander through the archives. We first looked at Rope Training (in this...